gps tracker for kids security
gps tracker for kids security

GPS Tracker for first-time parents

Being a parent is a full-time job. The restless nights, the crying, diapers, the little toddler running off the first chance they get… can be hard and overwhelming. There’s no way to make sure that your precious little one is safe all the time, but the important thing to remember is to be there for them whenever they need you.

Lots of first-time parents worry about when their children start kindergarten. It’s the first time they are away from home and the emptiness and stress about their safety get to you. Some parents even try to spend time at the kindergarten just so they miss their kids. But that often has an adverse effect since spending time with other kids is the chance to develop social skills and contributes to brain development.

So what do you do to make sure your kid is safe but also that you are not interfering too much in their life?
The answer is GPS Trackers.

GPS Trackers are simple devices that allow you to track and monitor location of it at all times. There are many kinds of GPS Trackers but their basic workings are all the same. You place the tracker with whatever or whomever you want to track, and you monitor the movement in the interface, often in the form of an app or webpage. You can learn more about GPS Trackers and how they work.

So how does it help you as a parent to ensure the safety of your child?
We’re getting to it.

Most advanced GPS Trackers like that of PAJ GPS come with a Geo-Fencing feature that allows you to create a virtual boundary around your home and kindergarten. So anytime your child enters or leaves that boundary, you get an instant notification. This way, you get to know when your child arrives and leaves the school. It’s the same thing when they are at home when you are away at work and you leave your child with the babysitter or some family member. You know exactly when your kid leaves the home and you can instantly track their movements with the mobile app.

Easy to carry and conceal
GPS trackers are devices that need the power to operate. So most devices have in-built batteries that you can recharge or replace when you run out. But that also makes them harder to carry around in some cases. But the best GPS Trackers in the market like PAJ’s Easy Finder or All Round Finder are custom designed to be easy to carry around for children. They also last days so you don’t have to replace batteries or take them out to recharge every now and then.

Safety in responsiveness.
A GPS Tracker is only as good as its accuracy. This is why our GPS Trackers are well-suited to detect even the tiniest of movement. The quicker you are alerted of suspicious activities, the faster you can respond. Our trackers also come with a dedicated SOS button that your child can use to contact you and the authorities in case of an emergency.

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