Asset tracking and protection is never been easier with Our GPS Asset Tracker. Using our robust functionalities such as vibrational alarm and geofencing you can relax and be more productive in your job. Whether you are running a Delivery business or a rental business, tracking your assets on the road is the most important thing because of their value and how crucial these equipment are for the business.

You need not just any asset Tracker but one that can withstand the hard climate, long battery life, and can be easily installed. PAJ GPS Trackers for asset management is the choice for business owners for a long time.

Features of the Tracker for Assets 

What makes the business thrive is the decisions based on the analysis of the existing system and identifying the flaws. The decisions from such analysis will make a huge impact on overall business productivity. With the Asset tracker for fleet tracking, a delivery business can improve their service by identifying which routes take a longer time for dispatch and the reason behind such delay. These kinds of insights will provide a good amount of revenue by saving fuel, time, and manpower. 

With live tracking, you can easily track all the cars from your rental businesses. Thanks to the M2M sim card which can automatically select the best network from any location on earth. Our asset tracking device will give you the speed, location, and estimated time of arrival at the destination in a compact view. The customizable alarms and notifications enable you to monitor the speeding of your vehicle, Unrecognized vibrations, and boundary breaches.

These alarms are not only useful for business but also come in handy for Personal tracking purposes.

As always to effectively track your fleet of assets the device should be durable in terms of water and extreme heat. Our Tracker devices are splash-proof and temperature resistant.

Scenarios where you can use a GPS Asset Tracker

1. Personal Trackers inside your safe locker

Can’t really trust your home automation and alarms comes with it?

The Locker in your home needs extra protection while you are away from your home town. With the PAJ asset tracker, you can set vibrational alarms that would trigger an alarm in your cell phone even if you are miles away from your home. In that way,  you can inform the police department to take a look at your house. Theft and home invasions are blocked right away with such functionality.

2. Agricultural Machinery Trackers products

The machinery in the agricultural field requires a large investment to procure them. Sometimes the machine may have left in the field to continue in the next day. This poses a huge security threat from intruders.

There is even a chance for theft if the land is so vast to monitor. In such a scenario give yourself an upper hand by placing a Magnetic GPS asset tracker device on your machine.

This could trigger the alarm in your cell phone if there is any movements or vibration on the machines. As always you will get the time to counteract because of the fast response from the Machinery Trackers attached to it.

3. Tracking of package or cargo Shipments

There is a time when cargo shipments possess a great deal of threat from natural forces to man maid intervention. Not anymore when you can track the package and monitor where the threat coming from.

Both in the sea and airr shipments must be handled with utmost care. But unfortunately, some of the products get damaged while on the shipment. In this case, the owner couldn’t raise the insurance claim as there is uncertainty about how the damage happened.

This is so frustrating and needs to be avoided. Using a highly effective GPS tracker device from PAJ  can solve this problem once and for all. Your courier company will be more efficient in handling your package.

Let’s make the international shipment more fun..!!

4. Fleet tracking for delivery business

When it comes to the delivery business the time is the most important element and it decides the company’s growth. Having a delivery business is so painful when you don’t have enough fleet tracking capacity on the field.

The PAJ GPS Tracker for car and trucks perfectly gives you the power to control all your fleet on the road. You can monitor and Identify the delayed routes, overspeeding, unwanted stops all in your smartphone or computer.

5.Asset tracking device on the field

Your asset on the field ranges from your car, dog, or even your 5-year-old kid enjoying the park on weekends. Even if you are around these assets, it takes only split seconds to turn things around. So your assets need an extra protective measure in order for you to take control of the adverse situation.

Owning Personal Trackers will be a solution for this type of situation. The features like geofencing, and live location tracking are such a relief for parents and individuals.

More about the asset tracking devices

It is always a misconception that GPS trackers are for moving objects. A while back this was true but not anymore. Due to the implementation of advanced technologies now you can track the unwanted vibrations on any stationary objects. Of course, there are CCTV cameras in place to monitor stationary object but does it provide instant alarms when an object in the camera frame get damaged.?

So far it is not possible without dedicated manpower monitoring the footage. GPS asset tracker on the other hand does not need such continuous monitoring. In fact, comparing CCTV’s with tracker devices,  it is easier for anyone to install and maintain. The monitoring is superfast that you will get alarms instantly. Now you can decide for yourself which is more reliable.

The speed of the data connection is also weighed down our efforts to track the asset when we are on a vacation trip. In order to watch CCTV footage at least, you need to have a 4G connection at all times. The PAJ GPS finder can send alerts not only through the mobile push notification but also through SMS. All you need is to get yourself connected to any network irrespective of the signal strength.

At the source, the tracker device always switches to a better network if the existing service provider fails to provide the coverage. In this way, you always will be in touch with your assets in all network strengths. 

This feature also enables our GPS tracker one of the best service providers when it comes to tracking assets. Whether it is in the lone desert or in the dense forest our M2M sim supported vehicles tracker is always there for you to help find the way around or to send an SOS message to the authority for help. A long fleet of moving cargo needs Fleet Tracking Systems that can withstand extreme heat and harsh situations. Also, the extended battery life provides a strong sense of protection to the drivers as well as the owners. PAJ GPS Asset Tracker is here to help you to achieve these functionalities and to do more with your business.

Our Finder portal is a one-stop destination for all your queries regarding the status of your asset at any point in time. All the functionalities can be manipulated and customized as per the customer’s requirement. Its easy-to-use interface is super friendly to all types of users. Once the alarms are up according to the requirement the system will notify you of the updates automatically 24×7.

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