GPS tracker on a farm vehicle
GPS tracker on a farm vehicle

GPS in Agriculture; a revolutionary step forward

GPS Trackers have brought revolutionary step forward for both personal and commercial use. Unlike ever before in history, we can protect our valuables or loved ones and track their live location no matter wherever they are on the globe. We can also learn and gather insights that can lead to better business choices to maximise profit while making it more efficient and manageable.

Have you ever thought of how GPS Trackers can do the same for agriculture?
Did you even think of GPS when we talk about agrotech?

It’s all going to change, and very soon, from the trends that we’re witnessing from all around the world.

How GPS Technology works

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a network of devices and servers both on the ground and in the orbit around the Earth. A tracker device is essentially a signal receiver that collects data from GPS satellites that orbits the Earth, and it uses those signals to accurately determine its exact location. Hence, the more satellites to receive signals from, the more precise the location accuracy becomes.

Generally, the device then transmits that location data to a central server which can then be accessed by you with your phone or computer in the form of an app or something. That’s how you get to see where that tracker is, which way is it moving, where it has been before etc, etc. You can read all about GPS Trackers and how they work in detail in one of our previous blogs here.

How GPS helps in agriculture

When it comes to agrotech, GPS is generally perceived as a nice-to-have for huge farmlands that spreads across kilometres. However, that’s not entirely accurate. GPS Trackers and GPS Technology can be beneficial for any level of farming, be it large-scale ones, or small family farmlands that cultivate regional crops for the local market.

A major advantage of GPS is the security it brings along. If you can easily relate to the feeling of leaving your expensive farming equipment like a harvester or a tractor in the open field for the day, you can also relate to the dread of finding it missing or having to ensure its safety. With a GPS Tracker, you can easily track them all the time. The best part is, that you don’t even have to actively do it since a Geofence can be created around the farm, so you get instant notifications and alerts as soon as your tracker leaves the premises. So, you can spring into action if there are any suspicious movements with your farming machines.

Another benefit of GPS Trackers helps is it helps to optimise the resources. You can virtually tag specific areas and mark them in your tracker app. This way, you can precisely understand which areas did better during this harvest or which crops failed and use that data to drive actions. Similarly, you can also tag areas where you already used manure or pesticides and can save a lot of time and energy by not having to manually go and check each option every time.

This is also helpful while using machines because you can see their travel history. So, you immediately know where it’s been and where it hasn’t. This also helps you plan better to save a lot of time and energy.

GPS Trackers essentially help you optimise your farming techniques while also providing you with insightful data. It also protects your valuable assets thereby making the whole process easier and peaceful. You can purchase a GPS Tracker easy using online platforms or by directly contacting the supplier, but you might want to spend some time checking the features and durability of each product to see if it fits your specific requirements. For instance, a GPS Tracker that is supposed to be installed in the field or farming equipment should be water-resistant and should likely have an in-built battery to support itself. The manufacturer should also offer support and assistance in case you need anything. So, consider all these factors before making a final decision. You can check out our guides and features for GPS Trackers here.

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