10 features you should be looking for in a GPS for Tracking

GPS for tracking objects is used for real-time tracking of things that are important to us. The use of such devices varies from person to person. Generally, GPS trackers are used to tracking cars, motorbikes, caravans, children, senior citizens, and pet animals. These devices can be installed and configured using mobile phones without any external assistance. You can use GPS for tracking using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. A small monthly fee for the network coverage is there for a seamless connection.


In this blog, we are sharing 10 features that you should be looking for when buying a GPS tracker and what to look for when purchasing a tracker for your use

Real-time GPS for tracking and Location alert

GPS Tracker is all about locating your things in real-time when you need it. Not always do you need to be aware of the position of your car instead you would need to be alerted when the car leaves a certain city? In this way, the tracker will notify you only when your predefined condition has broken. Unlike other trackers where you will get location notification in a certain period of time, this feature will only inform when there is a need. Such customized location alerts will increase the battery life and leave you with peace.

Speed Alert

This is an important feature only for Special GPS for tracking vehicles. For businesses and individuals over speeding is dangerous and against the law in certain routes around the world. So a speed alert in a GPS tracker will notify you if your vehicle is over speed without your consent. Not only it is dangerous to the passengers but also it affects the vehicle condition.  

Notification via Email and push notification

Even though you are provided with a mobile application and a desktop login, it is not a good idea to check the mobile every time to see if the valuables are safe. Using the PAJ Finder portal the traveled routes will be automatically saved and you will only be notified when there is an emergency or condition breach that happened during the journey. The notification will be immediate and you will have all the time to take action accordingly. 

Live tracking and route history

Out of all the features that rarely come in handy for you this one is a must. Upon login into your GPS tracker app, you should be able to see the live location of the vehicle with the traveled routes. The route history is something that we are proud to introduce to you. In this feature, you can store your traveled routes for the utmost 100 days enabling you to analyze the routes for better understanding.

Application on Mobile and desktop

Of course, without a highly responsive and easy-to-use application and desktop version, a GPS for tracking is of no use. Apart from the technical features of the PAJ Gps tracker, our technology experts are always in pursuit of making the tracking experience so much effective. The coordination between different engineering teams is something that helped us to develop our tracker products.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use applications on mobile and desktop is another important thing about GPS Tracker. The application must not crash during an emergency situation. The other important criteria to check are about the load time and how responsive is the application upon a search query. Both these metrics are considered highly important when it comes to effective GPS Tracking.

Easy location sharing

When in an emergency the first thing we would be doing is to share the location with the control room. The location sharing would have to be so easy just like pressing a button. Our Tracking device has a dedicated button for that purpose. Also in the mobile application, you could share the location with a minimum amount of clicks.

Dedicated SOS Switch

SOS switch is a very helpful feature in GPS for tracking purposes. In this feature, you can set the contact numbers in the mobile application. When the SOS button is pressed, your location will be shared with these contacts instantly.

Easy assembly

GPS Tracker is a small device. The components include the device, battery, and SIM card. PAJ GPS trackers are all assembled and you only need to connect them with your mobile application. This is an easy step just like opening an account on Facebook. 

Strong network connection in all-terrain

A GPS Tracker must have a network connection in all locations. Our M2M sim cards will automatically select the best network available on any location on earth. Besides the tacking is possible in over 100 countries around the world.


Although there are so much tracker devices available on market, understandin the key features of GPS Tracking is an essential thing for any buyer. We hope this blog will help you to choose wise and protect what you love with it 

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