Alerts in gps tracker
Alerts in gps tracker

Different types of alerts in GPS trackers

GPS trackers are lifesavers, literally. They help you keep track of your loved ones when they are away and protect your valuable assets when you are not around to guard them. It totally makes sense how GPS trackers gained such immense popularity these days, especially because businesses, law enforcement, personnel protection, and healthcare services all use them in some way or the other.

However, when it comes to tracking, a GPS tracker is only as good as the precision and accuracy it provides. Similarly, it also must be easy to manage. It’s a terrible inconvenience if its alert system doesn’t notify you when there’s something happening. PAJ GPS tracker come with an array of highly useful alerts and notifications that are in-built to make sure you know when there’s anything worth knowing happening. We will look at different types of alerts a PAJ GPS tracker has, depending on the model and variant you choose to buy.

Alert function in a GPS tracker

  1. Speed alert

When you place a GPS tracker in your car or with someone you want to protect, it’s worth knowing if they are travelling safely. When you are lending your car to someone and they are driving it rashly over the speed limits, it can cause accidents or even attract attention from law authorities who might cause problems. Similarly, businesses must ensure their drivers are keeping under the speed limits to ensure protection and safe practices. Therefore, PAJ GPS trackers have a speed limit alert. You can set the speed limit from your finder portal dashboard and when the tracker exceeds that speed limit, you will get an instant notification in the form of a push message or an email.

  1. Vibration alarm

When you are trying to protect a vehicle or something valuable to you, the value of time is crucial. If someone is breaking in and trying to steal your asset, you need to respond quickly to minimize the damage. A vibration alarm lets you know when your tracker starts to move quickly without any probable cause. This allows you to start actively tracking its location and contact someone for help. The next one on the list also works similarly but for a particular category specifically. Let’s see what that is.

  1. Ignition alarm.

As we mentioned in the earlier point, the faster you know something’s wrong, the better your chances are to respond and get help. Estimates say that a whopping 80% of all vehicles that get stolen are never recovered. An ignition alarm alerts you when your vehicle with the tracker is turned on. This means you will know before the thieves even start moving. This quick response time helps you contact law enforcement or someone close to the vehicle to help. It also allows you to keep actively monitor the whereabouts of your vehicle from the moment it got stolen.

  1. Power interruption alarm.

This is another helpful feature that ensures safe retrieval of your vehicle with minimum fuss. These days, thieves are highly technical and can hack into vehicle systems. They can mimic the signals from the key and can break in without anyone noticing. However, if they ever try to remove the tracker from the car to not get tracked, an alarm goes off and you will be notified. This way, there’s little to no chance that you lose your vehicle and not be able to track it.

  1. Radius alarm/geofencing

We have talked about this feature in many of our blogs. This allows you to define a virtual boundary around a certain area, like your home, office, garage, your kid’s school, etc. When the tracker enters or leaves that boundary, you will know with an instant alert. You will be notified when your car leaves your home, or when your kids leave the school premises. When it is something that is not supposed to be, you can act and contact help.

There are also low power alerts for trackers that use in-built batteries, so you know when it’s time to change them. These alerts help you to track whatever you need to track, but also not have to actively check the monitor or the finder portal every 5-10 mins for any updates. You can indulge in your daily life with peace knowing you will be notified when there’s anything wrong. Check out the whole array of GPS trackers from PAJ here and read the detailed descriptions and features they come with other than these alerts.

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