benefits of using a gps tracker on car
benefits of using a gps tracker on car

Benefits of using a PAJ GPS device

Most of us use the services of a GPS device in many different areas without even knowing about its way of functioning and its main advantages. So I thought of explaining it using our devices as examples. A PAJ GPS device uses signals transmitted by orbiting satellites via a mobile network to the device. The PAJ GPS app installed in your smartphone displays the calculated location by the device of the particular object in which the device is installed.

A normal GPS device has limitations as it can only provide a few basic information such as coordinates and related statistics. But PAJ GPS tracker devices are combined with modern updated technology such as maps to give more information. A PAJ GPS device also has a few other features such as alarm, best connectivity in all weather conditions etc. 

The customers of PAJ GPS devices use it mainly for tracking a particular thing like a car, valuable assets etc. But most of our customers use that for other purposes.

Here I will explain the benefits of using a PAJ GPS tracker device and the reason to select our device among the hundreds of similar GPS devices in the world.

  1. Navigation
  2. Affordable Cost, Availability and Built quality
  3. Security and Safety
  4. Connectivity and Battery Life
  5. GEO Fencing
  6. Speeding Alarm and Vibrational Alarm
  7. Easy to install and User-friendly App 


It is the most common benefit of the PAJ GPS device combined with map technology. It helps the user to pinpoint a device’s accurate location. Unlike any other bluetooth trackers, GPS tracker have more advantage than Blutooth trackers. It compare the coordinates can be used to provide step-by-step directions from Point A to Point B in real-time. 

Affordable Cost, Availability and Built quality

PAJ GPS devices are affordable compared to similar products in the market and offer the best built-in quality for the money you spend. It is available on all famous online sites such as amazon, eBay etc.

Security and Safety

From securing your valuable assets to your car, our devices are highly reliable in many emergency situations.  In the case of theft, you can locate the device and inform the police immediately.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Our device offers the best connectivity in almost all weather conditions. The M2M sim cards used in the device ensure the best connectivity across the globe. Compared to the other devices available in the market, PAJ GPS devices give the best battery life and it varies related to the necessity of the device for battery life. 


PAJ GPS device offers a Geo-Fencing feature and the purpose of this feature is to inform the owner of the car/object has left the specific area previously set by the owner itself. It is the go-to option for so many owners for protecting the valuables while they are away from the town. A notification or SOS message will be sent to the owner in case of a breach in this geo-fencing area. 

Speeding Alarm and Vibrational Alarm

Speeding Alarm is exclusively for car owners. To avoid accidents by informing the owner instantly, while the vehicle crosses a certain speed limit set forth by the owner. Vibrational Alarm is not a common feature available with only a few GPS devices available in the market, but luckily with our device. The vibrational alarm is more useful than any other feature as it will detect any false movements at the very early stage. 

Timely updates 

Every new PAJ GPS device is coming to the market after timely updations by our technical team taking feedbacks from our customers. We also ensure to release the timely update of our mobile apps normally for free. So unlike a traditional GPS device that goes out of date after a while, our device stays accurate.

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