Benefits of GPS Tracker in Transport Business

A business that involves tracking a vehicle can adopt strategies involving GPS tracker to increase productivity. This approach will increase revenue and business growth. Logistics is the backbone of any consumer-based business. It is a major factor for business growth. Most of the businesses outsource the logistic part to another company that exclusively deals with that part only. Here both the logistic business and business which involve transportation can adopt simple managing criteria involving GPS Tracker.

Here we are explaining how a car tracker will be helpful for business involving transportation, especially via land. So let’s get started right away.

Advantage of tracker for vehicle and fleet

Real-time tracking

Tracking real-time is the coolest feature ever. Suppose you wanted to check how the newbie is performing with the packages. The only way to track the performance of the driver is to check his driving pattern in real-time. Our application portal which can be installed on both android and ios devices gives you an uninterrupted live GPS asset tracking experience in over 100 countries. 

Dedicated SOS button

Not only the vehicle and the package init is important but the drivers also need protection in times of distress. Lone drivers are exposed to far greater danger than city drivers. A dedicated switch for SOS is a mandatory thing in GPS tracker devices. By pressing this switch, it will instantly send location updates to the control center or police department along with an SOS message. This will help the team to get in touch with the driver fast and respond quickly.

Route analysis

Route analysis gives you some valuable insights about the business and it will help you to decide better decisions for business growth. A weekly or monthly analysis will be fruitful. It can also uncover the performance of drivers. PAJ GPS tracker products can store route data for 100 days. Also, the dashboard of the finder portal has an analytical feature that tells you exactly what you wanted to know about the travel history.

Travel history and revenue comparison

Most of the logistic business relies upon the revenue generated by the trucks and vehicles by delivering the shipments. But how did you calculate if the company is profiting from the current mode of operation? It is by correlating between the number of kilometers traveled by income generated. This kind of report is a reason for purchasing a tracker for cars because we can easily identify which route is not making any profit and which is the most profiting route. Sometimes we will uncover routes where no profit extra costs are incurring for the shipment to deliver. With proper analysis, one can avoid such routes and keep the business profitable at all times. 

Stay connected always

As stated earlier a GPS Tracking device can help to run a business smoothly with so many functions like live tracking, Alerts, SOS, and route history. All these functions have relied upon network connectivity. The trackers with poor network connectivity may not help you to be a successful business owner. The safe place in a car to put the tracker can also affect the network slightly. PAJ GPS adopts M2M sim cards in our GPS Tracker devices. The devices are available in both 4G and 2G terminology. Using an M2M Simcard the Tracker will connect to the best performing networks in any Geolocation. The M2M sim card has coverage and operational authority in more than 100 countries.


Businesses need GPS technology support to perform well. In the transport business, a tracker device is the best technology for increased performance. we have published a post regarding the purchasing checklist of tracker devices. Considering the impact and control it brings to the business the cost is very less. All of the vehicles can be tracked using a single portal and analysis can be done very easily. It is more than sure that a GPS Tracker is the best companion for any business that involves transportation


Benefits of GPS Tracker in Transport Business
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Benefits of GPS Tracker in Transport Business
A business that involves tracking a vehicle can adopt strategies involving GPS trackers to increase productivity. This approach will increase the revenue and business growth.
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