How do GPS Trackers aid law enforcement?

In a world of uncertainties, there are very few assured safety nets for each of us. An efficient and robust police force to enforce the law and neutralize offenders is crucial in maintaining order and ensuring the functioning of a healthy society. In this context, we have seen several innovations and inventions adapted by the […]

Home safety with a GPS Tracker – How does it really work?

Home safety with a GPS Tracker

For all the homemakers out there, we get you. We know you and we’ve been you. It’s a constant struggle to keep the show running and make the impossible work like nothing’s wrong. But not everything has to be so hard and there are ways to minimize the toll to keep your household safe and […]

GPS Tracker for first-time parents

gps tracker for kids security

Being a parent is a full-time job. The restless nights, the crying, diapers, the little toddler running off the first chance they get… can be hard and overwhelming. There’s no way to make sure that your precious little one is safe all the time, but the important thing to remember is to be there for […]

GPS in Search and Rescue

GPS in search and rescue

It is critical that organisations have accurate and timely information in emergency scenarios such as search and rescue operations or disaster response. Nowadays, rescue crews are using GPS technology in conjunction with mapping software that detail cliffs, caves, streams, and other difficult-to-find terrain. It aids in the coordination of the efforts of a big number […]

How GPS Tracker works in Mobile

screenshot of mobile screen showing how gps tracker works

The GPS system is used in so many applications area. Nowadays the daily activities of human beings are tied up with the GPS navigation. One way or other we are taking advantage of the GPS systems to complete our daily task. This technology is free of cost as the GPS satellites are owned by the […]

GPS Trackers for your luxurious boats and kayaks

GPS tracker for boats

If you have a luxurious boat waiting at the dock to take you into the open ocean of freedom and joy, it only makes sense to protect them by all means necessary. Your hard-earned money, whether it be in the form of a boat or a kayak or a yacht, is valuable to you and […]

How GPS Tracker Works


GPS Trackers are one of the most affordable modern security solutions as well as a business aid. These small devices are used to track and monitor vehicles and things that need additional security. The trackers can do more when attached to the cars other than providing live location. It can set virtual boundaries, send speeding […]

How GPS Technology Works

Satellite and GPS receiver interaction in GPS System

We have been using GPS for decades now but some of us may be unaware about how GPS works. As we already know GPS technology is being used for many purposes in our day to day life. The common gadgets that use GPS technology are Mobile Phones, GPS enabled Watches, GPS Tracker Devices, and GPS […]

A Pet-owner’s guide to GPS trackers.

dog with GPS Tracker protection

GPS trackers are a great option for security and safeguarding your precious assets and loved ones. But did you know that GPS trackers can also be amazingly efficient for your pets? With so many dangers lurking around, waiting to happen, it’s crucial that we do what is necessary to ensure the safety of our pets. […]

GPS Tracking device – a guide for travellers.

gps tracker for travellers

GPS Tracking device – a guide for travellers If you are someone who frequently travels from city to city as part of your job, or if you like to get lost in the tranquillity of nature, either way, your safety is a massive concern for all your loved ones. And in a way, it meddles […]