Low battery alarm in PAJ Gps tracker for car
Low battery alarm in PAJ Gps tracker for car

PAJ GPS car Tracker; All You Need To Know

We all love our cars very much. Most of us spend a part of our daily life in the car and we use cars for different purposes. A car is as important as a shelter and so we spend a good amount of money buying that. We also prefer to buy the most stylish car with all the facilities according to our requirements and conveniences.

As a car is always something very important in everyone’s life, a tracking device is also an essential requirement we expect all the cars. The need for a tracking device varies according to our preferences. It may be sometimes, to find our car parked in a huge parking area, or sometimes to check the safety of the car when we are not around it etc. PAJ GPS car tracker is a perfect device that can fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements and more than that.

With the help of the PAJ GPS car trackers, now you can get to know the real-time position of your vehicle, no matter where you are and can ensure the safety of your car completely. 

What is a PAJ GPS car tracker?

PAJ GPS car tracker is a portable device that allows you to monitor and track your car’s location. It is capable of providing real-time stats of the speed and location of a vehicle. PAJ GPS tracker also provides real-time alerts whenever your car exceeds the set speed limit or deviates from a specific geographical area, or your car is having an unnatural movement.

How Does PAJ GPS car trackers Function?

The PAJ GPS trackers are designed in such a way that a network of satellites can ascertain the location of the device and so the location of the car. GPS trackers use the geometry of circles, spheres or triangles to determine absolute or relative locations of points on the basis of their distance from the network of GPS satellites. This is the same technology that is used by the PAJ GPS trackers.

Why should you use PAJ GPS car trackers instead of GPS Navigation Systems?

  • A GPS navigation system is used to navigate, provides information related to your location and driving direction.
  • On the other hand, the PAJ GPS car trackers are responsible for keeping track of the vehicle’s physical position and monitoring its speed and direction. 
  • While using a PAJ GPS car trackers, the details are either saved in the tracker for future usage or broadcasted in real-time.

Benefits of PAJ GPS car tracker

The benefits of PAJ GPS car trackers are numerous. It varies according to our requirements and priorities as mentioned before. 

The benefits are listed below:

  • Benefits for individual’s cars
    • Tracking: You can easily track your car if it has a PAJ GPS car tracker installed in it. If you lend your car to someone or if you want to find your car in a huge parking lot, the PAJ GPS car tracker will help you to find your car.
    • Theft: In the case of car theft, you can locate your car with the help of the PAJ GPS car tracker in your car and inform the police immediately.
    • Parenting: These days, parents install a PAJ GPS car tracker in the cars concerned about the safety of their kids. This helps them to find out the real-time location of the car or view where the car has been. It also lets them know if the car has gone over speed. If by any chance, they appoint a private driver for their car, that time also, they can track the live location of the car, view records of where the car has been and be tension free.
    • Monitoring: With the help of the PAJ GPS car tracker you can monitor your car in terms of speed, direction, and location of the car.

  • Benefits for commercial cars
    • Reducing the running costs: You can track if one of the drivers are speeding unnecessarily and wasting fuel. Keeping an eye on these things can significantly reduce your overall running costs by reducing the extra fuel bills and maintenance bills.
    • Customer’s safety: Using PAJ GPS car trackers, you will be able to know the live location and the complete details of where the car has been. It will allow you to react immediately in case of any security urgency. You can also access real-time updates about a vehicle’s arrival or departure at a particular place.
    • Productivity of workers: You can analyse the productivity of the drivers very easily with the help of PAJ GPS car trackers. You can even keep a track of break timings, unauthorised breaks or unauthorised trips. It will allow you to effectively manage the system.

Mentioned above are some of the most important benefits that an onboard GPS tracker will provide you with. There are many other features as well which vary in different kinds of trackers.

The features of a GPS tracker are very important to judge its worth. The features on which the productivity of a tracker is judged are Tracking capacity (passive and real-time), Alerts and notifications, Mapping quality and Compatibility with mobile phones. Based on those above-mentioned features, the PAJ GPS car trackers are one of the best car GPS tracking systems in the world

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