About our company and team

the idea to develop a robust gps tracker


The PAJ GPS was founded in 2011 from studying with the basic idea of ​​finding and protecting lost things. In order to technically solve this problem, so-called GPS trackers turned out to be a suitable option.

These devices show you the position after a query. If you attach the device to an object, you know where it is. The two founders Jakob Lindner and Alexander Sarellas started the PAJ GPS brand with this solution.


Due to the constant improvement of the products and the company PAJ was able to establish itself on the market. We can now offer you not only the GPS tracker and the matching accessories, but also a matching FINDER portal. PAJ is now a dealer, developer and consultant for everything to do with GPS tracking. We offer GPS tracking devices for almost every application.

development of a tracker device company
our team at paj gps


Our team consists of customer advice and support, online work, development, IT and programming. Together we form a well-functioning and motivated group. The focus is on the well-being of the employees, which strengthens the cohesion between the teams.


PAJ simply stands for quality. Whether in advice or in after-sales service. At PAJ you will find the highest quality standards and motivated employees in every area, who work with in-depth knowledge for the satisfaction of our customers.

values of our company- paj gps