dog with GPS Tracker protection
dog with GPS Tracker protection

A Pet-owner’s guide to GPS trackers.

GPS trackers are a great option for security and safeguarding your precious assets and loved ones. But did you know that GPS trackers can also be amazingly efficient for your pets?

With so many dangers lurking around, waiting to happen, it’s crucial that we do what is necessary to ensure the safety of our pets. Dogs and cats are impulsive and they may get lost if they wander off. Some unkind miscreants could also steal your pets.

It’s a very difficult situation if they’re lost or stolen. The emotional stress and the desperation of not knowing if they are ok or not can be overwhelming. It truly breaks our heart to not know, or worse, know that they are not well.

However, with a GPS tracker, you may never have to go through all of it, ever. It’s a great way to keep track of your pet when you’re out walking them or if you’re away at the office or someplace else and your pet is at home.

GPS Trackers comes in several shapes and sizes and you can filter with features based on what you want. However, we think it will be helpful for you if we were to go through some of the major advantages and features of GPS tracker to look for while considering your options.

GPS tracker for Dogs

Range and connectivity

The major reason you want to attach a GPS tracker to the collor of your dog is to know where they are. So the range and connectivity of the tracker is of great importance. It should be reliable and dependable in a case of emergency. Fortunately, PAJ GPS is one of the best in the market today and it uses the faster 4g network with M2M simcards for improved connectivity and unbreakable range. 

Shape and convenience. 

We have to take into consideration the comfort and ease of the tracker if we were to attach one on the collor. It can’t be too heavy and should make unsettling noises that might startle pet-owner. Another major pain point is if you have to put it on and remove it too often because of the low battery life. Make sure your tracker is small and weigh less, but also make sure that it has enough battery life to last enough. 

Data & accessibility

Even if you were to get a mediocre GPS tracker that works just fine, it might not provide immediate alerts or notify you if anything goes wrong. So make sure that your GPS tracker has instant push alerts and advanced tracking features such as geofencing, speed alarm, vibration alarm etc. Also check out the platform and the mobile application to make sure that it’s easy to use and will be of help when you really need it. PAJ GPS’ Pet Finder is a great option that offers all these essential features and more for you along with a dependable and highly user-friendly mobile app. 

If you were to keep these in mind while choosing a GPS tracker you will be much more satisfied with your choice after the purchase for sure. Or, you can simply head over to PAJ’s website or store and see for yourself all the amazing features our Pet Finder comes with. It’s tailor-made for pets and our portal and mobile app is designed to offer maximum usability while not being too intrusive. As a pet parent, you can be much more relaxed and at ease with a PAJ GPS Pet Finder attached to your pet, knowing that they are safe. 

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