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5 reasons why you should be using a car tracking device on your car

Tracking the car has two different angles for individual users and business users. While individual users focus protecting the car from theft, the business user depends on it for analytics purposes in addition to the car protection.

To cater both type of users GPS tracking has so many functionalities. A GPS car tracking involves a car GPS tracker and a mobile/ desktop application to monitor/manage the tracker device.

As mentioned earlier different types of users uses the GPS tracking for various purposes. Here is 5 common reasons for GPS car tracking.

  1. Real time tracking

Both the business users and individual car owners use this function. It allows you to pinpoint the location of the car on the map. Whether the car is on the run or parked somewhere, the real time tracking will let you know where exactly your car is at all the time.

In addition to the live location tracking, one could able to know metrics such as the speed, starting point, stopping points and distance covered.

  1. Analytics

Analytics is part of the business, and it is what helping the business to grow big. Clearly this function is more utilized by business users, but individuals would also try to get info from it. Business analytics on GPS tracking involves analysing the route taken, average speed of the vehicle, running and stopping time, and distance covered during a period.

These data are organized in dashboards using chart and pie diagrams.

The business would then analyse these dashboard and draw conclusion about particular vehicle, route or the driver. It helps then to identify the areas where improvements required. For example, a delivery business can identify routes which takes too much time by looking at the distance vs time dashboard.

  1. Cost saving

Cost saving tips are always welcome by all of us. it is time to think about reducing the travel cost as the fuel prices are hiking. One method is to identify the longest route taken on your travel history and rethinking the alternate routes for it.

In business point of view, the information about vehicle start and stop points in between the travel would help to reduce the cost. There are many more tactics for the manager to deploy of their fleet operation from the tracking dashboard.

  1. As anti-theft device

Car trackers have so many alerts to prevent theft. Once triggered the owner will receive instant notification on their mobile phone. The alerts such as geofencing, vibrational alarm, and ignition alarms are some the major anti-theft alerts. The live tacking together with the above-mentioned alerts makes the tracker device a formidable anti car theft device.

  1. To tackle emergency

Emergencies happen all the time especially for long trips. One can easily share car location using the tracking app in case of emergency. Businesses uses GPS tracker to communicate with drivers when there is no phone receptions. There are numerous applications for GPS trackers in case of emergency because of its capability to connect with the user even in remote areas. The M2M sim card is the vital part of achieving this communication.

GPS car tracking aims to provide security to its user but it also holds data from which one can explore lot more information. The convenience of mobile app and uninterrupted connection makes it a reliable device against car theft.

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